Jord: Dawn of a World

Session 25 Zug Zug

With the only knowledge of the destination of Anzula’s kidnapper being “in the direction of Salt”, the party sets off across the fresh snow from where they had weathered the snowstorm, knowing that if the storm bought their target more time they might lose the trail entirely.

Their luck held out, however and eventually their quarry was spotted ahead in the distance. Stalking them for several miles before finding a good time to strike, battle was engaged between the party, and the kidnapper and his two goons.

When all was said and done, all three foe lay dead at their feet, and three kidnapped individuals were found in all. Unfortunately, while two had recovered somewhat from the sedative drugs their captors had given them, Anzula still remained unconscious.

Making haste to Salt, the party of five-and-one arrived at the kobold city, escaping the harsh mid-winter weather. Gjalund’s inspection of the still unconscious Anzula revealed his earlier suspicions: She had been poisoned with Dreammist, a powerful – and powerfully illegal – narcotic drug that had a bad habit of leaving the imbiber in a permanent coma. Rumor has it that there are only a few ways to revive someone after such an unfortunate occurrence, but each of those ways often carries a high risk of death. Gjalund, sadly, was unaware of the specifics in providing those treatments.

Faced with this bittersweet realization, the party remands Anzula into the care of the local healer’s temple, and decides to wait and see how the healers treatments fare.

During this, Emberkindle remembers their original goal in traveling to Jatul’s Shadow, and begins putting out leads regarding their new tradepost fort, receiving a few interested bites that he has yet to have a chance to follow up on.

Session 24, "More Orcs. Maybe we should've taken a Windwhale"

Following the discovery of a raided trade caravan, and the subsequent ambush by orc raiders, the group remains committed to their desire to trek through the orc infested plains of Orkath. Perhaps regret surfaced when, on the edge of entering those same plains, their camp is assaulted in the middle of the night by orc raiders led by a buayan magic-user.

During the attack, an uncharacteristically deep sleeping Anzula is kidnapped and carried away, though not without the attackers having to expend a hefty cost in lives and a magical scroll to accomplish the feat. Recovering from the magic that incapacitated them, the remaining three party members take off after the attackers, dodging orcs along a trail that winds through Orkath, and to a previously unknown orc slaver city near the northern end of the Shifting Cliffs of Gurgaron.

Their investigation in the city revealed that both Anzula and the buayan had been seen heading northwest, in the direction of Salt. Before the party could pursue too much farther, they had to seek shelter from a terrible mid-winter snowstorm that thankfully only lasted two days. The storm passed, and the party found the Shifting Cliffs hadn’t swallowed them up during the storm, though they were assault by a pack of vicious and deadly runehounds, and they made preparations to trek across the freshly snowed plains after their companion.

Session 23, "What do you mean, 'problems'"

One the scheduled first day of construction, as the party is making preparations to travel to Jatul’s Shadow to locate and employ an estate manager for their new property, troubles are already beginning. The workers supplied by one of their business investors, Art Vandelay, arrive without any tools. After throwing money at the problem to make it go away, and receiving news that the Svaran Church is having doubts about being involved due to the inclusion of Vandelay’s “business associates”, preparations are finally completed, the the basements are finally being dug deep enough, and the party departs heading into the heart of winter.

Session 22, "You closed a what!"

With the demonic threat in the Grimdark below the Halls of Stone thwarted, and Emberkindle’s health returned, the group begins deciding what to spend their hard-earned rewards on. Thinking outside the box, Niccolo had requested that he be paid in property rights instead of coin like the others. Awarded his own plot of land in the wilds outside the Halls, most of the party wastes no time in designing a new toll-enforcing fortress.

Session 21, "You again"

Following the trio’s return to Grimstone, they are informed that the creature they killed, while a demon, wasn’t the hooked horror that has been slaughtering dwarven patrols. During the subsequent debriefing with the Commander, the Iacchtian Emberkindle collapses into unconsciousness. While he is whisked away to be tended by the temple, the Commander requests aid from the churches resolving what appears to be a demonic incursion into Jord.

The church of Svara sends a high ranking priest and a field agent to listen to the issues. The agent and Smithfield realize they know each other, though they haven’t seen each other in nearly 4 months. Anzula doesn’t spoil Gjalund’s disguise as Smithfield, though they both eye each other warily to see if potentially bad blood will discolor their present interactions.

Down one mage, and up one priestess, the trio proceeds back into the wilds of the Grimdark, aided by amulets from the ranking priest that should help protect against the corrupting influence of the demons present. After clearing out yet another spider nest, the three arrive at the unpassable tunnel. With the amulets bolstered by Anzula’s constant prayers, they manage to pierce the depths of the tunnel and emerge into a small spherical room with shocking contents: an active Gateway with no restraining arch!

Leery of passing through an unsupported Gateway, Anzula and Smithfield/Gjalund hang back and cover the tunnel while Niccolo, who has some experience with Gateways, investigates. The findings are grim, and no sooner does Niccolo step through into a blasted hellish landscape, than he is met with a dark creature melting out of the air less than 30 paces away.

He learns the creature is an old foe of the gods, and has discovered a way to pierce the Shield with a gateway, with the intent of the demon’s allies returning to Jord to rule it once again. Taking a gamble that he was faster than the demonic man, Niccolo rushes for the gateway, passing through just ahead of the creature. He barely has a second to draw a breath before the creature begins forcing it’s way through the Gateway.

The party rapidly moves into action, assaulting this powerful new foe. Moments after it passes through the Gateway, a second creature begins forcing it’s way through behind it. Redoubling their efforts to defeat the creatures mocking them while smashing them with powerful limbs and magic, they notice the Gateway appears to only be able to support a limited number of transfers over a given time, as the shimmering portal dims greatly.

Though at great effort, and a near death of Niccolo, they trio manage to defeat their two aggressors before any more creatures can force their way into the chamber. As soon as Niccolo is back on his feet, he and Anzula combine forces to try to collapse the Gateway on their side, and after a drawn out battles of wills and magic with whatever force is keeping it open on the demons’ side, the Gateway slams shut with a rush of power.

Collecting the remains of the demon matching the description of the Nightmare killing the patrols, the group returns to Grimstone for their rewards.

Session 20, "Orc Marauder Attempts To Slaughter Priestess, 3 Dead In Wake Of Attack, Details At 11!"

Following the “orc marauder attack”, Anzula finds herself sequestered by the church of Svara for her own safety from further possible assassination attempts, and to make sure she doesn’t become overwhelmed in her grief at the death of three noble guardsdwarves who attempted to save her life. Without an employer, Niccolo is approached with an offer by the dwarven military coordinator, as word of his successful incursion deep into Orkath and back has become known around the Halls.

Session 19, "New Beginnings"
Does it count as a new beginning it if results from multiple murders?

After returning to her dwarven homeland, Anzula begins the task of attempting to track down any rumors about anyone calling themselves a “Beach Prince”. After several frustrating weeks of no news, she learns about a man who was presumed dead following an orc raid on a small farming village who may have claimed that title twice. Enlisting the services of a tracker, she set out into the wilds to search out the truth to these rumors.

Session 18, "Paid Heroes"
Following the defeat of the Justicar assassin, the party find getting paid to be more difficult than thought.

Having discovered and subsequently defeated the Justicar assassin onboard the Luxury’s Eye, the party disembarks to sort out payment for their rendered services. Anzula and Stormfury, being paid for completion of their contract, become separated from the remainder of the party. Unfortunately for the others, they learn they can’t get paid from this business office!

Not without a little more work ahead of them, first.

Session 17, "Wait, this isn't my room!"

Knowing the murdering Justicar was standing watch shift above decks, the party snuck down to his quarters, and hid out of sight in the hallway. Gjalund, however, hid inside the Malvolian’s room. Once the Malvolian’s shift ended, and he came down to go to sleep, Gjalund unlocked the room’s door, and the party attempted to apprehend the Justicar, with ill effect. During the ensuing fight, the Justicar slipped out the port hole and retreated to the ship’s deck to continue the fight.

Session 16, "Repairs and Mystery"

After docking in Refuge, and receiving pay for aiding the distressed ship, the group notices two family faces join the “passenger list”: Stormfury and Anzula, both clearly dressed in their adventuring gear.


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