Jord: Dawn of a World

Session 12, "Oh, he still had Alexandross's face on him, didn't he?"

Though the party returned to Gargatua unmolested but by the desert’s heat and sand, almost immediately upon passing through the gates they are accosted by a surprising sight. Three Vvaran Ordinators from Tel Myca immediately approach the party, and state they’ve been tasked with returning the renegade apprentice, Garson Masterson, to his master. The also have a warrant. With a shrug of his shoulders, Garson goes with them, because who is going to fight three Ordinators in the middle of a street. The rest of the party surmises his story about finishing the task assigned by his master was either false, or he didn’t do a good enough job.

That’s when Lyndir remembers Garson was carrying Alexandross’s face in his belongings, and the party muses about the end result if that were to be discovered by the Ordinators on their trip back to Tel Myca.

The party goes down to the ocean, and returns Alexandross’s body to the surf, as Lyndir knows the funeral customs for Tel’Eran nobility. Following this somber event, Anzula takes her leave from the party, overcome by grief and self-blame, and says she needs some time to come to terms with events alone. Stormfury also takes a leave, citing needing to report in to his superiors with this new development, and telling the party he’d check back at the Temple of Eriax for word of where they were if they left before he returned.

In the meantime, The Judge, The Friendly Woodsman, the aspiring gateway architect, and Scara decide to hunt down a bounty they are alerted about from Lyndir’s superiors in the church. After gathering some information around town, they take off into the Desolation in search of the bandit known as “Lees”. After slightly over a day, the tracking acumen of Gjalund leads them to their bandit camp. Using a combination of skilled archery and magical spells, the group manages to sneak into the camp and set an ambush, allowing them to kill all of the bandits and take Lees hostage at the same time. Scara is especially deadly with his dagger from hiding, taking an unaware bandit through the temple on the initial rush.

On the way back to Gargatua, the party is assaulted by an Ashworm, and Gjalund nearly loses his life to it’s virulent poison. After defeating the creature, and taking trophies, the party returns to the desert metropolis and heal their injuries, turning in Lees for the bounty, and meets back up with their two party members, ready to pursue McMasters through the desert.


Morgus Morgus

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