Jord: Dawn of a World

Session 15, "High Seas Hijinx"

Following the defeat of the Gauntlet, the group separated, with Stormfury and Anzula leaving to pursue their own private goals. Faced with a lack of direction after many months of pursuit of McMasters, Judge Lyndir Rauk purchased a traveling stage wagon and some draft animals, and began a traveling Judgement Service, as many of his clerical brethren do. Traveling from village to town as legal arbiters of law, seeing cases and passing judgements as he went, accompanied by Gjalund, Scara, and Eldcor. However, the slow corruption becoming evident in the group continued to expand, as Gjalund would use the opportunity of the gathered village crowd to pickpocket and rob the residents, and livestock had a tendency to go “missing” once Scara began “patrolling” the countryside during the judgements to prevent bandits from attacking the gathering throng.

During one of these trials, the Judge appropriated some tickets to a new luxury cruise ship from a local minor land baron as “payment” for back taxes owed. That the tickets never made it to the coffers they were taken for was a minor matter, as the Judge stored his wagon and steeds in Jatul’s Shadow, before bringing his three companions with him for the cruise, as his upcoming 78th birthday was the day of the ship’s launch.

Not long after the voyage begins, however, the ship finds itself under attack by an attempted Girallon hijacking during an early evening storm. With the party realizing the ship’s security team cannot succeed against the overwhelming numbers and power of the girallon invaders, they intervene, turning the tide enough that several other guests join in the fight, and lightening the pressure on the defenders enough the two Malvolian Marksmen on the ship’s crew are able to bring their powerful rifles to bear with efficiency against the invaders. When all is said and done, the ship’s security force is less than half its original number, but the ship escaped the attack with light damage. The party is hailed as heroes by the other wealthy passengers, and they ride the fame with more stories of their past exploits.

The Captain promises a reward for the four when they make an unscheduled port at Refuge for repairs and to take on more crew to replace those lost.


Morgus Morgus

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