Jord: Dawn of a World

Session 16, "Repairs and Mystery"

After docking in Refuge, and receiving pay for aiding the distressed ship, the group notices two family faces join the “passenger list”: Stormfury and Anzula, both clearly dressed in their adventuring gear.

Most of the rest of the passengers take them for additional security personnel hired by the ship, but they were actually sent to investigate a rumored agent of the Taken on board, whom the Luxury Affairs company fear may murder another guest. In an attempt to prevent bad press, and the subsequent loss of investment on the massive boat, the directors decided to bring in outsiders to snoop about and prevent the Taken agent from causing their company massive financial loss.

However, not shortly after the ship leaves Refuge, does disaster strike. A noble, Lord Reginald Hillsbottom of Jatul’s Shadow, is found dead, and his aide missing. Revealing themselves and their duty to the Captain, Stormfury and Anzula enlist the assistance of the Judge, Gjalund, Scara, and Eldcor in tracking down and disposing of the Taken agent. However, during the investigation, they discover that Lord Hillsbottom was actually the Taken agent, and his aide was murdered as well deep within the hold of the ship, after Lord Hillsbottom himself was murdered.

Tracking clues and searching deep within crew areas of the ship, the party eventually discovers signs of a blood magic ritual linked to Lord Hillsbottom, and discover materials used for such a ritual in the private belongings of one of the Malvolian Marksmen on the ship, as well as indications the Marksman is a member of the Justicars: an organization dedicated to eradicating all Taken and their sympathizers.

Taking their findings to the Captain, and clearing up Scara being framed by Gjalund for the murder to throw off the real killer so he lets down his guard, the party receives permission to apprehend the Justicar by any means necessary, in order that punishment acceptable to the Hillsbottom family may be carried out.


Morgus Morgus

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