Jord: Dawn of a World

Session 17, "Wait, this isn't my room!"

Knowing the murdering Justicar was standing watch shift above decks, the party snuck down to his quarters, and hid out of sight in the hallway. Gjalund, however, hid inside the Malvolian’s room. Once the Malvolian’s shift ended, and he came down to go to sleep, Gjalund unlocked the room’s door, and the party attempted to apprehend the Justicar, with ill effect. During the ensuing fight, the Justicar slipped out the port hole and retreated to the ship’s deck to continue the fight.

Racing to the deck via the hallways (or outright climbing out the porthole after the marksman, in the case of the Judge), the party emerges onto the rain-slicked deck just as the storm that’s been brewing all afternoon comes crashing down on the ship. Poor visibility, a tossing deck, and constant water from waves crashing over the sides threaten the party’s ability to take down their quarry. Gjalund is singled out early on by the marksman as a powerful threat due to his skill at archery and his quick feet, and dropped by the foe’s rifle, though sheer luck prevents him from being washed overboard. As the party struggles across the deck trying to catch up to the quickly moving marksman, Eldcor drops his disguise as a human, revealing his true Vosk form as he conjures a squad of skeletons made from the wood railings of the ship, using them to pen in the malvolian long enough for the rest of the group to catch up. Even the marksman’s skill with his blade couldn’t keep the determined blows from his pursuers from taking a heavy toll, slipping past his defense constantly.

In a last ditch effort to put some distance between him and his pursuers, the malvolian cuts a line, using it to pull him up onto the yard arm of one of the masts, thinking none of the rest would follow him. Unfortunately for him, the Judge had excellent balance, and rapidly followed using the same tactic, resulting in a back-and-forth duel across the beam in the blowing wind and rain. In a desperate attempt, seeing the Judge gaining the upper hand in the encounter, the malvolian attempts to drive the Judge back and off the beam, certain to spell his death as he crashed to the deck nearly 60 feet below. The Judge deftly deflected the blow, however, calling down a thunderous judgement as he delivered a mortal strike to the malvolian’s chest with his gladius. The falling malvolian was caught as he plummeted to the deck by Scara, who had begun scaling the mast with his clawed limbs and tail.

Final death was delivered by Eldcor, and Scara “disposed” of the body. The rest of the party made sure to have convenient alibis for the disposal.

Returning to the captain after healing Gjalund, the group was promised a reward for stopping the Justicar assassin as soon as the made port on Darujhistan, the ship’s next port stop.


Morgus Morgus

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