Jord: Dawn of a World

Session 4, Extinction of the Dino-bees

Session 4 started by finishing up the last three rounds in Age 3 of Microscope, in which some intrepid kobold warmages attempted to close one of the gates the dreadful abominations called the Lith were pouring out into Jord through, though they failed and no one heard from them in over a year before they miraculously emerged through the other Lithgate. Some of the more powerful mages in Tel Myca foresaw a disastrous magi-war unless they formed orders and split into them to help contain troublesome elements. The K’chain Chemalle queen, The Matron was slaughtered by her own people when something interfered with their hive-mind communication network, and the Grimdark was discovered below the surface of Jord.

With that finished, the group moved on to playing Microscope, with four rounds completed and audio-recorded for transcription later so nothing was missed when the group broke for the night, the world had expanded further: The dwarves would know great prosperity before falling into ruin yet again, and the K’chain were hunted to extinction by Gros.


Morgus Morgus

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