Jord: Dawn of a World

Session 7, "He's a Terrorist!"

Thermonuclear weapons in a fantasy setting?

This session had reduced party members due to work, but the group decided to go ahead and play, and the players missing would be introduced on the following session.

We started play with the human tracker Gjalund Elderis, the draconian warrior Stormfury (the last survivor of his crimson claw unit), and the Judge of Eriaxs Lyndir Rauk all on a windwhale bound for Tel Myca. As the only passengers, they were able to get to know each other some during the first 5 of 6 days of their trip. It wasn’t until the very end that trouble erupted.

In the early morning hours of the final day of the journey, all three party members are awoken by feelings of unease they can’t pinpoint the source to. Unable to go back to sleep, they decide to hang out in the main cabin, which works out well for them when they suddenly find the windwhale under attack by girallon raiders!

The vosk pilot, Aimswell, suddenly finds his windwhale completely unresponsive to his commands, and shortly after that windows of the cabin are broken by girallon rapelling down from the top of the windwhale! The party springs into action and manage to defend pilot from the waves of assaulting girallon who appear intent on hijacking the entire airship, though unfortunately not without the gruesome death of the vosk cargoman, Boxstacker. Just when the party thinks it’s all over, they learn Aimswell still hasn’t recovered control of the windwhale, and to their horror, see that they are on a direct crash course with the rapidly approaching city of Tel Myca in the early morning sunrise!

While Gjalund and Lyndir strap on parachutes, Stormfury retrieves the rest of his weapons, and they begin scaling the outside of the windwhale to the top, where they can barely make out hoots of laughter from another girallon! Gjalund, which his speedy climbing, reaches the top first, and begins fighting the strong winds and movements of the windwhale to reach the girallon on top, knowing his bow is almost useless with the strong crossbreeze coming from ahead. Lyndir and Stormfury make it to the top of the windwhale just as Gjalund is almost to the unaware girallon, when they see the dagger the girallon has ignite in fire, and gets plunged down into a gap in the plates of the windwhale. To his horror, Gjalund realizes what he thought was water on the top of the windwhale he was crawling through turns out to be kerosene, as the back of the windwhale begins rapidly igniting, severely burning the girallon in the process. The girallon pulls his own parachute, using the strong winds to lift him from the back of the windwhale, shocked to see the party on top of his prized missile.

The burning fire causes the windwhale to break free of the magical grip the girallon had it under, and it attempts to try to stop it’s headlong rush into the heart of the city, but it’s momentum and strong winds heavily impede it’s attempts, and the party can see that there’s no chance for the windwhale to avoid impact with Tel Myca. Stormfury unfurls his wings and attempts to catch the fleeing girallon, while Lyndir pulls his parachute and attempts to float to safety on the nearby shore, concerned about the possibility of whalesharks should he land in the water so far from shore.

Gjalund races from the approaching fire towards the back of the windwhale, pulling his bow and attempting to disable the fleeing girallon’s parachute, waiting until nearly the last possible moment before bailing off the windwhale and pulling his own parachute, as the keening windwhale plummets flaming into the city, missing the heart but still landing in one of the largest marketing districts during the early morning set up of the vendor stalls. The explosion is blinding in its brightness and deafening in its volume, and the devastation is extreme.

Aided by the holes in the girallon’s parachute, Stormfury catches the girallon, and attempts to pull answers from it while they plummet through the sky wrestling. Eventually deciding the language barrier is too much, Stormfury rips the girallon’s bandolier from him, which bears a peculiar crest, and glides to safety using his wings while the girallon plummets to its death in the cold waters below. Lyndir manages to land safety near enough to shore to avoid the whalesharks, and both make their way to the city gates to survey the carnage, and learn the fate of Gjalund, who was clearly seen by many leaping from the windwhale before it exploded and floating down into a small lake in the city. The pilot didn’t make it off, staying until the end trying to help save his dear “ship”.

Gjalund was arrested almost immediately upon landing by the city’s Ordinators, and taken for interrogation. He was released of all charges once the other two party members vouched for his actions and attempts to stop the girallon attack from succeeding, but not before the city masses heard of his arrest, and cries of “Kill the Terrorist” were heard around the city. They heard the death toll was estimated in the thousands.

The party managed to find someone who recognized the symbol, and they left for Tel Seydra in an attempt to hunt down more information, eventually tracking down a malvolian guide named Kole, who they kidnapped, robbed, coerced, and threatened until he revealed a name to them, “James McMasters”; a telerin ship captain who frequented the port city and wore the same symbol.

With that knowledge, and a burning desire for revenge, the party headed down to the docks to await the arrival of their newest “friend”.


Morgus Morgus

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