Jord: Dawn of a World

Session 8, "Congratulations! You're all hired!"

How do you get a disparate group of adventurers together? Have one of the PCs play a noble playboy of a wizard fresh out of college who thinks he's hired them as bodyguards for "grand adventures".

Following the devastation to Tel Myca from their windwhale ride reaching critical mass, the party trekked to Tel Seydra in an attempt to find a clue as to who was responsible. After torturing a poor malvolian guide, the party was left with a name and ship to look for.

When the Lady’s Sorrow put in to port, two of the three PCs got a ride in hopes of finding good information on its way to the ship’s next destination: Tel Myca. Stormfury decided to take a ride a carriage back to Tel Myca following a snubbing by several draconian sailors on board.

Unfortunately, the two-masted ship was too small to do any real searching while the crew was about, and so the party waited until most debarked for shore leave in Tel Myca, before Gjaldund managed to get a chance to snoop around, and discovered in the cargo hold a locked storage room. Defeated the lock with his dagger, he discovered several letters and evidence of smuggling of what appeared to be ancient historical artifacts. Taking one of the smaller pieces of pottery covered in strange writing, the party met back up and attempted to research where or when the item may have come from. Limited success was met, but Gjalund was discovered by Garson Blasterson (though he gave a fake name of “Gand”), as Garson was an apprentice Silver Order mage looking for a bodyguard after the one who was supposed to meet him several days prior never turned up. “Some obvious vagabond named Gaylund or somesuch.”

With employ under the mage, the party hatched a plan to get more information from the crew, though it ended poorly and resulted in Gjalund running from a fight yet again while the rest of the party was forced to deal with the repercussions. The dwarven priestess initiate of Svara, Anzula, joined the group as a result.

Luck favored the party, however, and James McMasters, the man they believe to be known as “The Gauntlet” and responsible for the windwhale incident, was spotted returning to his ship, the Lady’s Sorrow, after not being onboard for the previous voyage. The part quickly split into two groups, with one keeping watch on the ship, while the other going to the authorities with all of their evidence indicating James as responsible for the windwhale-based terrorism. Unfortunately, when the Ordinators arrived at the ship, James gave them the slip, and so the party decided to resolve the problem themselves.

The end result involved a dead Ordinator, at least half the crew of the Lady’s Sorrow dead, the other half incapacitated, and the Lady’s Sorrow on fire and sinking into the Tel Mycan harbor. The party retrieved several incriminating articles from James’s Captain’s Quarters, in addition to quite a bit of pocket change, several smuggled bags of un-investigated contents, and a crate of historical artifacts, including a heavy iron helmet with markings matching the pot that were all due for delivery to the city of Vypynthyr. Miraculously, they turned the illegal destruction and seizure of goods, as well as the assault and murder of the crew (or, as Gjalund called it, “Adventuring”) into being a matter of self-defence started by the crew of the Lady’s Sorrow when the Ordinators returned to the scene of the fighting.

With their obvious lead escaped, the party is left to turn to James’s journal, scavenged from the ship, and the illegally smuggled goods, to seek direction for their vengeance. Where will they turn to next?


Morgus Morgus

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