Avatar - Original Player: Morgus


Formerly an Avatar and a Deity, now a mortal.


Scholars’ Views

The Avatar known as Garos was a deific manifestation of himself on the mortal world from the First Age through the end of the Second. Garos, the deity, was also known during this time as “The Gifter”, and founded the order of The Givers. He was formerly aligned with Eriaxs and Hecasis, and opposed Vogg when openly confronted. He was uncooperative with Cyrith, but did not oppose him.

He was stripped of his godhood by a gathering of deities led by Hecasis as punishment for his direct involvement in the affairs of mortals, the possible responsibility of several near-genocides, and several outright slayings of other demigod-class beings he felt were abusing the inhabitants of Jord. Garos later learned that Eriaxs was among the tribunal responsible for stripping him of his deityhood, which caused a feeling of deep betrayal. Few now remember Garos’s part in gifting some of the greatest advances of the ages to the races of Jord, which is the most bitter of the tastes the “Betrayal” of his former peers left with him.

In retaliation, Garos used his though-mortal-still-considerable power to perform a great Working of magic, casting down upon all of Jord what would become known as the Shield of Apostasy, locking out and blocking all direct interaction from the other gods with Jord.

Modern rumor and hearsay

  • Garos spends his time within the safety of his island in the Sea of Tears. From this area come the black ships bearing the symbol of the Taken, though for what purpose none truly know.
  • Garos never existed. He’s nothing more than a boogeyman, a fictional villain used to frighten children into obedience.
  • When Garos was cast down as a god, his Divinity fell to Jord and caused the Desolation.
  • The Wanderer is actually Garos, searching the Desolation for the remains of his Divinity to take vengeance on all other gods and become King of All.
  • Garos was aided in raising the Shield of Apostasy by Vogg and Cyrith.
  • Garos has a fortress filled with powerful artifacts from another world at the heart of his island. Artifacts powerful enough to make one almost a god.
  • He cursed the Givers in rage over becoming mortal, and turned them into his undying servants, the Taken – undead monstrosities that live by devouring the souls of children and those with promise for magic.


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