Gjalund Elderis

Seedy Woodsman from the Spires of Gannock


Born in Tel Seydra, Gjalund had a terrible childhood. He was constantly mocked for his odd name and furthermore due to his violet eyes he was easily spotted as a Pristinely Ungifted. He was a pickpocket at a young age. stealing coin from rich Tel Mycan’s that were visiting the city. He enjoyed spending much of his time outside of the city in the Vvark after he came of age. After developing his skills as a tracker and woodsman, he began taking jobs leading paying individuals around hostile terrain.

His father was put to death because he spilled a drink on the wrong Tel Mycan wizard and his mother was incarcerated for merely being married to the man. They began looking for Gjalund and so he had to constantly be either out of the city to avoid run ins. He developed several aliases Gand, Owen and Edmund are a few to name.

Gjalund Elderis

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