The deific avatar of the god Garos, or at least the orcs believe it so. A powerful necromancer, Gros raised the mighty turtle avatar Thratgurulukhai back from the dead after its death at the hands of the real Garos, and led his turtle-bound armies against the dwarves of the Halls of Stone.

After rampaging through Dwarf lands and taking the Dwarven coastal city of BelMek, Gros’ existence was discovered by Garos, and the impostor was struck dead. Some decades later, through a necromantic gambit involving the exile of his necromantically-charged people from the Halls of Stone, Gros was revived as a lich. Due to the timing of this gambit, Gros managed to elude a magic-severing curse placed on the orcs by Tel Nojhi, god of magic and revenge, allowing him alone to retain his necromantic abilities.

He currently reigns over the orc hordes in Orkath alongside fellow orc avatar Burzghash.



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