God of Magic, Vengeance, and Subterfuge


Hecasis is the god you pray to for the strength to punish someone who has wronged you, to learn the deep dark secrets of magic, or hide your association with a group or event. While not inherently evil, many of his followers often obsess over revenge or seeking magical lore. It is not uncommon for the polytheistic everyman to pray to Hecasis for “the just revenge” or to get out of some trouble s/he has gotten into.


Hecasis rarely ever manifested on the mortal plane, preferring to act through the subtle influence of mortals. For disrupting the balance of the mortal plane, and bringing about the creatures from the portals, Hecasis stripped Garos of his godhood. After the Shield of Apostasy was cast down on Jord, he formed an order of Justicars to take revenge on Garos and The Taken. He also inflicted a magic-divesting curse on the orcs.


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