God of Death, Inevitability, Loss


Also known as: The Ineluctable, The Insatiable, Voidbearer

Depicted as an ephemeral humanoid fading into bloodless decay, Marroth is a neutral and unbiased deity representing the inevitability of death. He is often cited as a consolation to those who have suffered loss. Undead are anathema to Marroth, as they defy his fundamental precept. With the advent of the undead threat, Marroth has seen a surge in popularity as an anti-undead deity.


The primary worshippers of Marroth are The Inevitables, who claim The Ineluctable keeps the world from being overrun by Gros and the undead armies filling the Grimdark. They named their fortress, Fort Marroth, after the deity, making him a commonly recognized name in the process.

the symbol of Marroth the Ineluctable


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