Niccolo Belkas

Spirit-Bound Caster


Tier: 1.4
EXP: 250

Might 4 – d8/2
Prowess 5 – d8/3
Quickness 5 – d8/3
Vigor 5 – d8/3
Charisma 8 – d10/4
Insight 4 – d8/2
Logic 4 – d8/2
Resolve 4 – d8/2

Derived Attributes
Avoidance – 20
Fortitude – 19
Discipline – 20

Stamina – 59
Wounds – 3

Pace – 30’
Initiative – 3d10

Score – 4
Total – 5
Used – 0

Short Bow – Speed 5(2)/Attack 2d10+d8+3/Damage 2d8+1/Ammo 39/Range 40’-750’
Hand Axe – Speed 3/Attack 2d10+d8+3/Damage d8+d4/ Range (thrown) 10’
Wand (Lightning) – Speed 1/ 1 Lightning damage on attacks Vs. Avoidance (1 Strain if not already lightning)
Wand (Avalanche) – Speed +1/Strain +1/Damage +d4 (1/Scene)

Skills: Mod(Die)/Rank/Misc = Total Passive/Total Mod
Acrobatics 3(d8)/3/0 = 18/3
Arcanum (Shamanism) 4(d10)/5/(2) = 21/7
Athletics – 2(d8)/2/0 = 17/2
Deceit – 4(d10)/2/-3 = 15/-1
Intimidate – 4(d10)/2/0 = 18/2
Knowledge (Religion) – 2(d8)/3/(1) = 17/4
Melee (Hand Axe) – 2(d8)/2/0 = 16/2
Mettle – 2(d8)/3/0 = 17/3
Ranged (Archery) – 3(d8)/2/0 = 17/2
Stealth – 3(d8)/3/0 = 18/3
Streetwise – 2(d8)/2/(1) = 16/3
Wilderness Lore – 2(d8)/4/0 = 18/4
-3 to all social skills except intimidate
+10 to Wilderness Lore (Spirits) checks

Chilling Presence

Patchwork Soul – Emergent Soul
Elemental Empowerment
Armor Prof. Light (from Region)
Weapon Training (Short Bow) x2
Weapon Mastery (Short Bow)
Weapon Training 2 (Hand Axe) x2
Weapon Mastery 2 (Hand Axe)
Arcane Spell Casting
Seasoned Traveler
Between Worlds
Skill Focus: Wilderness Lore (Spirits)
Spirit Guide
Quick (Spirit Guide: The Nimble)

Communion with the Spirits (Primal – Core 354)
A Pound of Flesh (Necromancy – Core 356)
Evil Eye (Hex – Core 387)
Earthen Shield (Elemental – Core 382)
Elemental Bolt (Elemental – Core 384)
Heat Wave (Elemental – Core 395)
Discern Residue (Universal – 380)
Manipulate Object (Universal – 404)
Minor Tricks (Universal – 409)
Unravel the Thread (Universal – 439)
Witch Light (Universal – 444)

Communion with the Spirits common spells to choose:
Brittle Bones (Corpus – Core 367)
- Yep.
Delusions of Grandeur (Control – CoH 144)
- Reduces targets defenses by 1, adptation for 2
Diminish Fatigue (Corpus – Core 379)
- Standard heal spell
Enemy of my Enemy (Illusion – Core 386)
- Forces target to attack another designated target for one action
Ghostly Adversary (Illusion – Core 391)
- Grants tactical edge against one target (weird stacking)
Halt (Control – Core 394)
- Prevents a target from moving for 6 ticks
Mental Scream (Control – Core 407)
- low damage burst, adaptation to push for d4
Personal Illusion (Illusion – Core 412)
- Disguise Self from D&D

Fine Short Bow – 4
Arrows (39) – 4
Hand Axe – 2
Armored Jacket – 1
Garb, Common – 0
Wand (Sorcery, Avalanche, Lightning) – 0
Handy Haversack – 3
- Waterskin – 1 (0)
- Rations (1 week) – 3 (0)
- Bedroll – 3 (0)
- Cloak – 1 (0)
Encumbrance: 14/17

Geas/Taboo: A Nimble shaman may never wear any armor that possesses any Bulk. They may never carry any equipment that takes them beyond a light encumbrance (normal equipment only; carrying an injured companion would be acceptable).

Gold – 0
Silver – 30
Copper – 62

Former Soldier – Pathwork Soul

Shaman Journeyman

Native – Spires of Gannock
Adopted – E. Gurgaron/BelMek


Tier Advancements:
1.2 – Path
1.3 – +2 to all Defenses
1.4 – +1 Rank to all trained skills


Niccolo Belkas was a common hunter/woodsman living in the Spires of Gannock, as one of the more adventurous members of the hunter’s guild he would often venture into Gannock’s Weald below the spires. He made a decent living as a hunter & was able to avoid confrontation with the top predators in the forest.

(About a year before the beginning of the campaign)
Niccolo encountered a kobald lost in the Weald, an aspiring gateway architect with substantial coin by the name of Ta’tell Llessur. After being leading to safety Llessur offered Niccolo a high paying position as his personal aid, bodyguard, guide, and test subject in his experiments into the nature of the gates. while working for Llessur, he learned he had a talent for magic, though the difficulty with which casting even the most basic of spells showed he his ability was nothing more than minor. Unbeknownst to Niccolo, Llessur’s experiments into the nature of gates were of questionable legality at best, the aspiring architect had been banned from practicing magic by the white council, and he was excommunicated from (insert architecture school here); Llessur was using partial rubs of text & poorly translated manuscripts from the great cities beneath the grimdark. To make matters worse, the Judge-Clerics had a bounty on his head. Much of Niccolo’s time under the employ of the kobald was spend making preparations for his rituals, and finally after three long months of translating, preparing, and testing Llessur was ready to open his first gate. The ritual did not go as planned though, soon after the gate opened it was obvious that the gate did not lead to its intended destination, the gate flickered several times before exploding outward, some unseen creature burst from it overtaking Niccolo, and the blast itself seemed to kill Llessur, but his body was nowhere to be found. When Niccolo came to the gate was gone, Llessur was gone, and there was no evidence of what had transpired. Shortly thereafter citizens of the Spires began acting weird, especally towards Niccolo, no one would buy his game and soon he was out of money. The spurn of the other citizens became more apparent as time passed and eventually he was run out of town. After some time wandering Gurgaron he wound up in BelMek where he again took up the art of the hunt, only this time things were different, he became aware of the spirit haunting him, and why it made people uncomfortable, and he used its eere presence to his advantage, intimidating people into purchasing game. Out in the planes of East Gurgaron he learned that he could draw on the spirit to empower his spellcasing ability. Niccolo was powerful indeed.

Niccolo Belkas

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