God of Chaos, Luck, Planning, Eclectia


Also known as: The Horned One, Snarl, The Sley of the Weave

An ancient and oft-forgotten deity, Vogg is the god of chaos, luck, planning, and all that does not seem to be connected (but is). Vogg is known for “taking the long view”; his plans are said to stretch through the ages, and often come to fruition through what appears to be pure chance. His followers describe him as “all that you can never see, but still define.”

The symbol of Vogg, the Horned One

Followers of Vogg vary widely, but most espouse a metaphysical analogy involving the universe as a great “Weave.” While a common belief describes such a Weave as the “threads of fate”, the cult of Vogg does not view it as such an absolute. The Weave warps around Vogg, they claim, either from his nature or from his will. The most devout claim that Vogg himself weaves the threads in intricate patterns that mortals (and even many gods) cannot hope to understand. Priests of the Horned One are extreme in their devotion to the deity’s unknown plans, believing that nothing occurs by virtue of one’s own will; Vogg weaves every person and event into place, and nothing is able to defy his hand. Due to this fatalistic ideology, devoted followers of the Snarl rarely occupy positions of power, and, indeed, do not aspire to.


The cult of Vogg is often discredited by “learned” scholars for drawing tenuous conclusions from seemingly unrelated events. The works of Vogg are rarely studied by such scholars— such study is more often the realm of fanatical worshippers, fanciful laymen, and coy intellectual exercise. There are certain views that tend to crop up across Jord in unrelated circles, however; some scoff at them, others proclaim their truth unequivocally, and others still claim that there are grains of truth hidden among the madness. Several such claims are summarized below:

  • Vogg created the Malvoli. Their skin coloration and unusual origin are evidence of The Horned One’s involvement.
  • Vogg created Jatul the Walking Mountain as a war machine to rule ancient Gurgaron with impunity. One day, he will rise again to reclaim the continent.
  • Vogg is the sole god of Darkworld, migrated to Jord. Evidence is limited to Malvolian Hunters’ resemblance to him.
  • Vogg steered Girallopolis into Darujhistan in the Age of Blood, unleashing the Girallons on Darklend. He hoped to use them to take over the continent.
  • Vogg is responsible for the Shifting Cliffs of Gurgaron being navigable at all. Many attribute the creation of the Cliffs to Vogg, claiming he controls the chaotic magic flows there. Further, some draw a correlation between the comparatively impossible-to-navigate Darkworld Cliffs and Vogg’s absence from Darkworld.
  • Vogg twisted Floodhounds into Runehounds, and uses the latter to hunt down those who seek to learn his plans.
  • Vogg created the Ettin Fog to feed Jatul and keep him dormant; if the Ettin Fog goes hungry, Jatul will lean down and devour Jatul’s Shadow in one bite. The Fog moving closer to the city was Vogg giving us a second chance.
  • Vogg caused the Dwarfgate to malfunction in the Age of Blood, causing the first fall of the Halls of Stone. He also created an erupting volcano where there was none, nearly wiping out the Dwarves who fled the first fall to the port city of Bemek.
  • Vogg colluded with Garos and Cyrith to raise the Shield of Apostasy. Secretly, the Shield does not affect them.
  • Vogg disrupted the K’chain Chemalle hivemind, causing self-genocide. He threatens the Tafari with the same— that is why they serve him.
  • Vogg created the Shifting Cliffs as a miles-wide occult ritual. When they shift into the shape of the correct rune, the ritual will trigger, breaking the Shield of Apostasy and allowing the gods to take their vengeance on Jord.
  • Vogg created the Windwhales as a flying weapon against the wizard city of Tel Myca. He has been waiting for millenia for the wizards to divide their might, and now the time has come.


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