Flintlock Firearms

weapon (ranged)



Invented by the Malvoli at nearly the same time the Sons of Marc were finishing their Radaman Air Rifle, these weapons work similarly to the air rifles, except instead of a compressed air tank, they propel their bullets by explosive force. The propellant is distilled from the sap of the Alumina Tree using a secret recipe that no other nation has managed to replicate. As such, the Malvoli have the market on firearm sales, leading them to be almost as costly as their air rifle brethren.

As the Malvoli are not as possessive as the Sons of Marc, firearms are much more accessible to the citizens of the different nations, and are as often worn as symbols of wealth or station as they are tools.

Flintlock pistols
Specially created flintlock pistols are occasionally awarded to individuals who aid the Malvoli with a deep debt or great service, and are considered a medal of great honor. These adorned pistols are unique and one-of-a-kind in decoration, often with the decoration relating to the service performed. Possession of a fake adorned pistol, or an illegally obtained one, is frequently met with hostile reactions from Malvoli. The practical Malvoli have no compunctions against these special weapons being used in battle, and sometimes even view them being locked away in safe keeping to be a waste of a perfectly good tool.

Flintlock Firearms

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