Jord: Dawn of a World

Session 19, "New Beginnings"

Does it count as a new beginning it if results from multiple murders?

After returning to her dwarven homeland, Anzula begins the task of attempting to track down any rumors about anyone calling themselves a “Beach Prince”. After several frustrating weeks of no news, she learns about a man who was presumed dead following an orc raid on a small farming village who may have claimed that title twice. Enlisting the services of a tracker, she set out into the wilds to search out the truth to these rumors.

Following the tracks across the wilds of western Gurgaron, Anzula and her tracker Niccolo strike deep into Orkath, following the trail of the raiding party. Finally locating where they were camped, Anzula and Niccolo snuck into the camp, searching out the warband’s leader; the one rumored to have killed the beach prince.

After murdering the Orc leader, the two escaped using a distraction caused by Anzula’s newest trinket: a ring that can summon a powerful wolf ally. The two retire back to the Halls of Stone in an attempt to find further Princes.

And as luck would have it, while they were away, a drunken Telerin raving about being “Beach Royalty” started a fight in a bar that ultimately resulted in his accidental death by one of the three dwarven guards who arrived to quell the fight. Unable to learn which of the three guards was responsible (and thus who received the Beach Prince title), the two decided to set a trap.

Luring the three guards into believing she was performing a ceremonial rite of cleansing regarding the death, the three were swiftly murdered with the aid of a third, and Niccolo adopted a magical disguise of an orc warrior, making a mad dash through the streets before throwing off the trail of the Hall guard after him by dropping the magic disguise.

With the murders covered up, and yet another title acquired, Anzula and Niccolo decide to hang low and let the suspicion fade from around them before continuing their activities.


Morgus Morgus

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