Jord: Dawn of a World

Session 24, "More Orcs. Maybe we should've taken a Windwhale"

Following the discovery of a raided trade caravan, and the subsequent ambush by orc raiders, the group remains committed to their desire to trek through the orc infested plains of Orkath. Perhaps regret surfaced when, on the edge of entering those same plains, their camp is assaulted in the middle of the night by orc raiders led by a buayan magic-user.

During the attack, an uncharacteristically deep sleeping Anzula is kidnapped and carried away, though not without the attackers having to expend a hefty cost in lives and a magical scroll to accomplish the feat. Recovering from the magic that incapacitated them, the remaining three party members take off after the attackers, dodging orcs along a trail that winds through Orkath, and to a previously unknown orc slaver city near the northern end of the Shifting Cliffs of Gurgaron.

Their investigation in the city revealed that both Anzula and the buayan had been seen heading northwest, in the direction of Salt. Before the party could pursue too much farther, they had to seek shelter from a terrible mid-winter snowstorm that thankfully only lasted two days. The storm passed, and the party found the Shifting Cliffs hadn’t swallowed them up during the storm, though they were assault by a pack of vicious and deadly runehounds, and they made preparations to trek across the freshly snowed plains after their companion.


Morgus Morgus

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