Log of Emberkindle page 2

Today I was truly an evangelist. I sent two lost to meet their god in a torrent of cleansing flame, and we’ve embarked on a quest that’s sure to lead more people into the truth. With certain, we have grown stronger since we began, and our keep is beginning to come along.

I do harbor grave concerns about the spiritual well being of those coming to our keep, however.

The church of Anzula’s goddess has refused to set up a cathedral within the walls of our keep, this may be a problem. It is easy to sway the masses once they have been cowed, and I would prefer someone else do the taming. Nasty work, that.

If the church refuses to come around, I may have to use some of my contacts to create a religious structure of our very own. Of course, we’d need staff, and training, Bah. the whole thing’s a mess.

I’ll have to get back in contact with Anzula’s church soon and tell them what we need. Plain and simple. Once the keep is built, they’ll have no choice but to comply with my demands, and then I’ll make sure to show every last one of them The Truth.


Log of Emberkindle page 2

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