Magical Sources

Of all the myriad sources of magic throughout Jord, they all pull on a common source or magical energy. The difference between them becomes one of what races have been blessed with the knowledge (or ability in some cases) to work magic via certain spellcasting traditions, shaping the power into the desired effects.

Elder Magic

Elder magic is termed that because of it’s extreme age. It was first discovered by the Draconians, well over 3,000 years before the raising of the Shield of Apostasy, its method of working taught by the servants of the gods. It is clearly the eldest of all magics, and the only other race capable of learning how to work Elder magic is Humanity. It remains to this day one of the most powerful and adaptable magic traditions on Jord.

Eldritch Magic

Eldritch magic is the magic most jordians know when they think of magic. Every race can work Eldritch magic, excepting the cursed Orcs. While not as innately powerful as Elder magic, it can replicate many of the spells of the Elder tradition, and is much more accesible to the common man.


Psionic ability is only found among the Tafari. The reasons vary from genetic anomaly, to blessed by the gods, to even cursed by the Devils of hell. All that is truly known about this tradition is that it seems to stem from an internal reserve of magical energy more than the environment around, and practitioners have a hard time channeling power into Gateways. The most tell-tale sign of a psionic practitioner involves his eyes flaring silver in color while manifesting a spell.

Primal Magic

Primal magic is not well known by most of Jord. The Malvolians are well known for their use of this chaotic appearing magic, and it is whispered that the Winter Court uses it to great extent as well. In addition to the cursed Orcs, Dwarves unable to grasp the magical energies required to shape spells using Primal techniques.

Sorcerer-Priests of Hecasis

Sorcerer-Priests are an odd one out. While anyone welcomed into the clergy of Hecasis can be blessed into casting these spells, they straddle a line between traditionally god-granted magics and the more traditional arcanum of the lands.

Gods-granted Arcanum

The gods of Jord grant the ability to their faithful to cast magic spells through the form of exacting prayers. With the advent of the Shield of Apostasy, only these old methods will work for providing a conduit for deific power to be channeled. While not flexible in the least, unlike the other arcanum, divine magic has a focus on healing individuals and smiting demonic foes.

Magical Sources

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