Poisons and Alchemy

Moonmilk Poison

Moonmilk poppy, when properly prepared, can render a horse helpless in short order.
Poison (d8), Injected (Tier 4)
Attack: +12, Fortitude
Damage: Exhausted/Helpless
Speed: 6 ticks/12 ticks
Effects: Creatures rendered helpless through the application of this poison remain so for 8 hours, after which they remain exhausted for 24 hours.
Preparation: 1 hour, Daunting (TN 25)

Wight’s Tears

Made from the incredibly rare Netherwort, Wight’s Tears are sought after by many an assassin. Its deadliness as well as its uncommonly long initial duration make it the poison of choice among hired killers.
Poison (d10), Injected (Tier 4)
Attack: +12, Fortitude
Damage: Nil/1 Wound/2d10/1 Wound.
SPeed: 1 week/12 ticks/6 ticks/1 tick.
Effect: This poison only exhibits the smallest of symptoms (a few light skin blotches at most) making its detection by mundane means exceedingly difficult, requiring an Amazing (TN 30) Heal (Lo) action skill roll.
Preparation: 6 hours, Amazing (TN 30)

Red Dust

A popular narcotic in the Desolation, this drink induces powerful hallucinations, sometimes lasting days.
Poison (d12), Exposure (Tier 3)
Attack: +9, Discipline
Damage: Nil, see Effect below
Speed: 1 hour
Effect: For 5 to 12 hours (d8+4) anyone affected by this poison is subject to powerful hallucinations as well as violent mood swings. Creatures under the effects of red dust are also far more easily controlled by magic and even skillful manipulators; as such, they suffer a -5 penalty to their Discipline for the poison’s duration.
Preparation: 1 hour, Daunting (TN 25)

Refined Ashworm Poison

A chemically refined version of the virulant poison from the barbed stinger of ashworms. While less potent than the raw poison, it lasts considerably longer outside the body of an ashworm.
Poison (d8), Injection (Tier 2)
Attack: +6, Fortitude
Damage: 2d6/2d6
Speed: 6 ticks/3 ticks
Effect: Because raw ashworm poison begins losing potency as soon as it leaves the stinger, it is rare to find it outside of the Desolation for sale without a large price increase.
Preparation: 1 hour, Amazing (TN 30)


An exceedingly rare poison refined from the dangerous blood of windwhales, the painful and debilitating effects of this poison are much sought after by those without an ethical care for if their targets feel like their blood has ignited in their veins.

Poison (1d12), Injection (Tier 5)
Attack: +15, Fortitude
Damage: 1 Wound/2d12 Wound/1 Wound/2d12
Speed: 8 ticks/4 ticks/2 ticks/1 tick
Effect: Due to the debilitating pain caused by this poison, every successful attack by this poison also carries a cumulative -1 penalty to all action rolls in addition to the damage. This penalty lasts for 1 hour after the final attack is made.
Preparation: 6 hours, Astounding (TN 40)

Bramble Paste

While prepared properly, the root of the bramblekin plant can provide a boost in adrenaline, a slight alteration in that process can create a substance that heavily depresses the user instead.

Poison (1d8), Injection (Tier 2)
Attack: +6, Fortitude
Damage: Exhaustion/Paralysis
Speed: 12 ticks/ 6 ticks
Effect: Anyone effected by the Exhaustion caused by this poison suffers the effects for 24 hours, which cannot be overcome through curative efforts, magical of otherwise. Those falling victim to the paralysis suffer under its effects for 5 minutes.
Preparation: 2 hours, Amazing (TN 30)

Rose Reflux

Special techniques allow the elemental powers stored within the leaves of fire roses to lay dormant within this prepared powder, coming to life only once mixed into a drink and consumed.

Poison (1d6), Exposure (Tier 3)
Attack: +9, Fortitude
Damage: Nil, see Effect below
Speed: 5 minutes/1 minute
Effects: The initial attack causes harsh acid reflex within the target, resulting in them being Stunned for the remainder of the scene. A second successful attack results in the target being overwhelmed by violent vomiting, rendering them Immobile for 1 minute, followed by weakness rendering them Exhausted for 12 hours. Attempts to magically cure these effects result in the durations being doubled and the target suffering 1 wound as the magic contained within the powdered leaves violently erupts forth inside the victim.
Preparation: 6 hours, Amazing (TN 30)

Fool’s Herb

Created from a dark brown weed frequently used by scribes to improve their mental focus, this syrupy liquid has great success at rendering those inflicted with it as mindless as a young child.

Poison (d8), Exposure (Tier 2)
Attack: +6, Discipline
Damage: Nil, see Effect below
Speed: 10 minutes/10 minutes
Effect: A single dose of Fool’s Herb will render the imbiber confused and befuddled, clouding their mind. For each successful attack, the target suffers a -1 die penalty to all action rolls keyed from one of the four mental attributes for 3 hours. If this would result in any attribute being reduced below a d4, the target instead falls comatose for the duration instead. Multiple doses of Fool’s Herb do not stack.
Special: A critical success on an attack doubles all die penalties inflicted by the poison, as well as the duration suffered, even if the first attack was not a critical success.
Preparation: 1 hour, Challenging (TN 20)

Poisons and Alchemy

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