Crimson Claws

Crimson claws

Warrior caste in the Draconian Society.
They’re proud of their affiliation with the caste and they wear these pendants around the neck (the gem color changes with rank)
Claw pendant
Members usually mark their armor plates with this symbol:

The order was tasked in 1 AS with hunting down and exterminating all Lith they could find in the Ice Fangs

Emerald Thorn Initiate [Military, Background]
You’ve completed the initial training and been inducted into the Crimson Claws as an Emerald Thorn, the new recruits of the Crimson Claws. Though primarily tasked with stopping the Lith, sometimes your orders take you to places far from the Lithgates in pursuit of new weapons to use in the fight, or to stop potential machinations of the Lith.
Nationality: Draconian
Minimum Age: 30
Attributes: Resolve, Vigor
Primary Skills: Knowledge (The Planes) and any two combat skills
Talents: Calloused, Heirloom (see Starting Gear, below), and Hunter (Infernals)
Starting Gear: Any two weapons from starting nation, a Military Kit, and the heirloom armor (a set of Lorica Squamata, colored green)
Starting Silver: 4d8 (Charisma)

Crimson Claw Path
“Though they come through in endless numbers, we will smash them upon the rocks, and smite them with the very fires of Dargothion’s rage!”
-Crimson Claw Swiftwing, leader of the IV Company

Nationality: Draconian

Emerald Thorn
Requirements Hunter (Infernals) (ta) and Track as a trained skill (ta), or Emerald Thorn Initiate (ba).
Trained Skills: Track and Knowledge (The Planes)
Talents: Monster Lore: Lith and Sense Infernal Taint
Special: When utilizing Sense Infernal Taint, you may use Traking (In) instead of the Arcanum: Sense Magic skill.

Sapphire Talon
Requirements: Crimson Claw (Emerald Thorn) (Pa)
Trained Skills: Tracking, and any Arcane skill or Combat skill of your choice
Talents: Strike at the Heart of Darkness and Battle Hardened

Crimson Claw
Requirements: Crimson Claw (Sapphire Talon) (Pa)
Trained Skills: Tracking, Mettle
Talents: Sarish’s Judgement and Battle Trance

Crimson Claws

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