Darkworld s darkgate

The Darkgate exit into Darkworld.

The alternate plane named that’s come to be called “Darkworld” is similar to Jord in landscape; races; heroes and villains; and more. It differs, however, in that all of those similar things are not the same. All of these things are “twisted”, though some more obvious in their difference than others.

The limited scholarly investigation into Darkworld that has been successful has learned a few things; there is a conservation of power between Darkworld and Jord— though it is one of spiritual force, not energy or mass— and there are no gods within Darkworld.

Travelers who enter Darkworld full of predisposed notions will quickly find themselves lost, humiliated, or dead. Especially if they went seeking one of the “good” avatars or immortal beings found on Jord. For this reason, travel through the Darkgate is heavily restricted.

Darkworld amanita

Amanita in the Darkworld is anything but a protector and nurturer.

Scholars are quick to point out that Darkworld isn’t an evil inversion of Jord, but an altered one. Not every creature is a perfect flip-flop of their Jord equivalence, neither are they all evil. Scholars believe the best description would be “Darkworld creatures are more of themselves”. Whatever happens to be a races’ general strength or focus tends to be magnified. Darkworld Dwarves are obsessed with their craft and architecture, going so far in their obsession that they tend to appear wasting away, Orcs have a strong streak of nobility and loyalty to their friends, and fierce destruction towards their enemies, and the depravity of the Winter Court is emphasized, even within their forests.

Darkworld ajattara

Ajattara is even darker.

It is whispered that Garos retreated to the Darkworld to research and manifest the Shield of Apostasy, preventing Hecasis from blocking him, though whether Garos held off the inevitable madness that comes from inequal spiritual force exchanges between Darkworld and Jord, or if he loosed something (or many somethings) into Jord is unknown. Some fearful inhabitants might whisper that he didn’t stave off the madness at all. All that is truly known about Garos’s time spent in the Darkworld is that the Orcs were dealt a massive blow that leveled their great city, and the orcs will no longer have contact with those from Jord.


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