Falling through Space, out from Time.

It was three years ago that I found myself here. Woke up inside a meteorite, a few miles outside the dimly visible city I now call Jatul’s Shadow. Over time I remembered who I was, what I was here to do. I am the Emissary of the Elemental Lord. My existence is to see what the gods can not see, and prepare the world for his coming.

I wandered into the city that night, my body barely alight as I stumbled into the city’s walls.

I spent that first night in an alleyway. My creator had given me knowledge of their languages, but they sounded wrong. The words were there, but the dialects, the speed.. I realized later, it was because my information was out of date. It had been an age since my god had heard the words of men, and his knowledge was proof of this thought.

Over time, I adjusted. My flame grew, and I recalled how to control it. I went from a small flicker of a dying ember to the Pyre of a man I stand before you as now. I was all the rage at Tel’Eroan parties, lighting cigars, setting alcoholic drinks on fie, and watching the young men who would become Beach Princes drink them down, still on fire.

I spent my days climbing the social ladder, Shaking the right hands, making the right friends. It didn’t hurt that a large portion of my meteor I landed with was made of Gold. Of course, I lived a lavish lifestyle in those first few years, and now I haven’t much left.

I have gained, however, I mastery of my element, and a strong bond with my creator. I have been given a fire spirit of my own to command, and with these gifts, I waited for an opening to use them. I had become well known in Central Gurgaron, my lord would be welcomed here. I needed to spread to the far reaches of Jord, to bring his light and cleansing flame to the dim, unaware world beyond.

It was two weeks ago, that I saw my opportunity. a dwarf and a man were slinking through Jatul’s Shadow, they weren’t looking for anything here, they were moving outward, passing through. It was less and less adventuring parties came through The Shadow any longer. With the Girralon dropping from above and murdering entire cruise ships, and Windwhales erupting in citywide explosions the races of the world seemed more content to stay at home, shut in their homes, and wait to die.

Not these two; They were moving forward, I knew it was my oppertunity, I had to strike while I could. I followed them. quenching my flame to a mere smolder, I followed them.

Once they had exited, I introduced myself with a bow, and a gift. “My services, as an emissary, and my prowess as a warrior.” Without much of the pomp and circumstance I had grown so accustomed to, they accepted.

It wasn’t long after that the plan became to raid a Dwarven city, and steal a sword, naturally, as the Emissary of Flame, it as my duty to assist.

Falling through Space, out from Time.

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