Garos Island

An artificial island in the middle of the Sea of Tears created out of the body of the once-great Thratgurulukhai by Garos in one of his final recorded acts as a god.

A powerful hurricane is centered over the island, preventing anyone who survives the dangerous Whale-Sharks that patrol the sea from getting to the island. The hurricane is clearly supernaturally powered, as it has existed since 10 BC, and has shown no signs of moving or weakening.

The remains of the city of Nargaroth are assumed to still exist on the island, as they were present when the island was created. It is likely that the Taken reside in the remains of the city.

Occasionally, under the deep cover of night, strange low black ships made of stone can be seen leaving the storm raging around the island. Where they go, no one knows, but rumors abound that they have been seen all over the coasts of Jord, usually just after children disappear.

Garos Island

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