Runed archways roughly the size of small cottages that can transport anyone who passes through a vast distance in the blink of an eye. Some have appeared out of nowhere, while others have been created by skilled mages, but they are always created in pairs.

There are presently 7 known gateways on Jord: the gateways in the Ice Fangs and the Ajattaran Gorge that allow the Lith access from their plane of existence (The Northern and Southern Lithgates, as they’ve become known); the gateway within the walls of the Halls of Stone, known as the Dwarfgate or the Echogate, due to cloning problems; the gateway within the depths of Jatul, called the Darkgate; the gateway within the Shifting Cliffs of Gurgaron, called the Shiftinggate; and the connecting gateways from Vvark to The Desolation, called the Eastern and Western Transitgates.

Of these gateways, the Transitgates are presently active; the Dwarfgate is unstable and has been closed under orders of the dwarven Thanedom due to issues involving clones (though it frequently experiences period of being open while the Halls of Stone are occupied by hostile forces, and has recently begun spewing undead clones forth); and attempts to sabotage the two Lithgates have proven unsuccessful. While occasionally allowing passage, the Darkgate is usually a one-way portal, with those who enter it normally unable to return the same way (there have been exceptions of late, however). Sometimes they are discovered by the Malvolian Seekers, wandering the Shifting Cliffs of Gurgaron near the Shiftinggate. Most who have traveled through them returned stark raving mad, speaking of a world that is a counterpart to Jord, but twisted and different in ways both subtle and overt. Those few who retain their sanity speak of a long journey through a topography that appears to closely mimic that of Jord, though the denizens of that world are darker, stranger, and more twisted, leading scholars to name that world the Darkworld.

Scholars and learned Gateway Architects are at a loss to explain why some gateways are apparently impossible to damage, and others fail easily. The two most popular theories involve the skill and power of the crafters of the gateway, and whether one end is held open by a source of immense power.

There also appears to be a limitation to how many gateways can cross planar boundaries, as attempts to forge another gateway to the home of the Lith have always failed, leading scholars to presume that limit is 2.


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