The largest continent in the area. Dwarves, men, orcs, malvoli, and Holideities have made their home on this great continent. To the southeast lies the Sea of Tears, and to the southwest lies Vvaroh.


The eponymous Plains of Gurgaron, in the middle of the continent.
Gannock’s Weald, west of the Plains.
The Shifting Cliffs, east of the Plains.
Orkath, east of the Shifting Cliffs.
The Ice Fangs, north of the Shifting Cliffs.


Jatul’s Shadow, in the central Plains.
Malaz, on the southern coast.
The Spires Of Gannock, on the southwestern coast.
Dargarthd, on the northern coast.
The Halls of Stone, on the eastern coast.
Bemek, northwest of the Halls of Stone.


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