A simple and murderous race, the orcs mysteriously came into existence at the dawn of the Age of Blood atop the back of the ancient turtle Thratgurulukhai. Immediately, a city was constructed atop the creature’s back. Within this Black City, the might of the orcs grew as they waited to unleash their wrath.

The Fall of Manataos

The orcs’ chaos maddened and disoriented Thratgurulukhai, and the mighty turtle drifted into the Radaman Islands and the nearby city of Manataos. The orcs’ awaited day finally realized, their armies poured forth from the Black City, overrunning the pirate capital. Through Manataen traps, pirate forces, and ornery whale-sharks, the orc forces prevailed through tenacity and sheer number— their bloodlust knew no bounds. Manataos was sacked and burned to the ground, and Thratgurulukhai was slain by Garos as judgment for the orcs’ war. Stranded, the orcs waited, and their wrath again began to build.

The Rise of Gros

Now unable to travel the seas, the orcs terrorized the Radaman Islands for decades, skirmishing constantly with the Tigers of Bahal and White-Fang Turtles. Through victories and losses, Nargaroth never fell.

Exposed to other peoples, the orcs slowly learned to manipulate sorcery, specializing particularly in necromantic magics. The greatest of these orc necromancers was Gros. An unusually clever orc, Gros proclaimed himself the avatar of the deity Garos, and whipped the orcs into a fury. Harnessing the bloodlust of his people in an elaborate necromantic ritual, Gros animated Thratgurulukhai as an undead abomination and bound the turtle’s spirit to his will.

The orcs’ might grew further.

The Stone Hall Siege

With a sense of malign purpose, the orcs withdrew into their Black City and sealed its gates. They terrorized no man for nearly two hundred years, and the Radaman Islands began to again feel a sense of normalcy.

Then the turtle stirred.

Ripping his hulking form from the land which had grown around him, Thratgurulukhai swam north, heading for the continent of Gurgaron. Crashing into the east coast, the beast uttered a long bellow, and Nargaroth’s gates opened. Orcs swarmed the coastal mountains like ants, climbing towards the Halls of Stone. A lengthy and protracted siege resulted, and the dwarves inside managed to hold off the orc armies for 8 long years. The tides turned when a Gateway inside the mountain fortress malfunctioned, erupting in a devastating magical explosion. Dwarven losses were catastrophic, and the defense could not be maintained. The only survivors were those who escaped through secret tunnels to the nearby port city of BelMek; those tunnels were collapsed to prevent pursuit.

The orcs would occupy the Halls of Stone for nearly 40 years.

The Fall of BelMek, and The Stranding of The Orcs

A mere 6 months later after the acquisition of the Halls of Stone, nearly half the orcs occupying the fortress city grew restless and again returned to Nargaroth, still docked on the southern coast. Upon their return, Gros commanded Thratgurulukhai to depart, traveling east and north along the coast to BelMek. Through odd chance, the orcs’ arrival coincided with the eruption of a heretofore undiscovered volcano in the nearby mountain range. With numerous dwarven forces and the surrounding forest torched by the lava flows, the orcs stormed into the coastal city. They arrived to find the dwarven citizens gone, with deadly traps greeting their conquering forces instead. With the dwarves ousted, the city came to be known as Bemek— its name even to this day.

Garos, seeing the orcs’ murderous conquest, again took action against them. This time, he reclaimed his great turtle once and for all, guiding the undead abomination to the Sea of Tears. Noticing the existence of Gros, Garos struck the impostor dead. The orcs, now stranded, leaderless, and numbering too great to fit in Bemek, fell to the leadership of their progenitor, Burzghash. Disbanding the Water Orcs— until now the primary military force among the orcs— Burzghash led his people west through the forest to the plains, which are now known as Orkath.


Since the advent of the Age of Silent Gods, the orcs have seen a number of important events occur: Hecasis inflicted a magic-divesting curse upon all orcs, alleged “vengeful dwarven spirits” drove the remainder of the orcs from the Halls of Stone (the dwarves have since reclaimed the fortress city), and Gros was revived through longstanding necromantic contingency.

The orcs now reign with impunity in Orkath, led militarily by Great General Burzghash and socio-politically by Gros. This pseudo-nation is caged in by the Ice Fangs, the Adamant Ocean, and the Shifting Cliffs. As a result, only occasional bands of orc skirmishers pester settlements in the Plains of Gurgaron, but travel between the Plains and the Halls of Stone is extremely difficult without the aid of the Malvolian Seekers. Many fear the orcs are gathering their strength for another war— perhaps one as devastating as those of the Age of Blood.


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