Order of Dragonfire

The Draconians are known for their Crimson Claws, fierce warriors devoted to driving out the Lith from Jord. Lesser known are those who fight the Lith from the shadows, members of the Order of Dragonfire. These former Crimson Claws travel Jord with the blessing of Dargothion, wielding his fiery wrath against these abominations.

Dragonfire Aspirant

Requirements: Crimson Claw (Emerald Thorn) (Pa) and either Initiate of the Gods (b) or Initiate Itinerant (Pa) of Dargothion.
Trained Skills: Knowledge (The Planes) and one Arcanum or Combat skill
Talents: Monster Lore: Infernals and Breath of the Dragon (ta).
Special: If you already possess the Breath of the Dragon talent prior to taking this path, you may use your Breath of the Dragon talent twice per scene instead.

Dragonfire Master

Requirements: Dragonfire Aspirant (Pa)
Trained Skills: Mettle and Tracking
Talents: Calloused and either Weapon Mastery (Any) or Spell Affinity

Order of Dragonfire

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