An orcish camp.

This sprawling realm of the orcs, combined with the Shifting Cliffs, is the primary barrier to travel between eastern and western Gurgaron. Both can be navigated with the help of the Malvolian Seekers, though Orkath is somewhat more unpredictable in its hazards.

Embarking on the plains of orkath

Preparing to cross Orkath.

Orkath’s ruined plains contain countless scattered armies of orcs, all loosely commanded by “Great General” Burzghash. Deadly feuds among the orc tribes are nearly as common as raids on outsiders, and the chaos this causes keeps their hold on the area somewhat loose. There is no doubt the orcs could unite under one banner if need arose, but without any cause to do so, they are content to squabble amongst themselves. Gros is certainly capable of such, having led the orcs in wars in past Ages, but prefers to focus on the undead conflict surrounding The Maw. Natural barriers further limit the orcs’ influence, as their lack of seafaring ability prevents travel across the Sea of Tears or Adamant Ocean, and superstitions keep them from nearing the Shifting Cliffs or the Halls of Stone. These factors combined mean that settlements in the Plains of Gurgaron bear the brunt of orcish excursions when they do occur.


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