Pristinely Ungifted

The Pristinely Ungifted are a subrace of humans that have no spark of magic in them what-so-ever. Furthermore, they are even resistant to spells and incantations (for those with the knowledge to cast them) including even beneficial spells. They have the weakest voice on the Council of Houses in Tel Myca, House Elendor.

The Pristinely Ungifted typically worship the idea of natural creation. Sort of a druidic type of worship. They have adopted ideas from the Buayan cultures (Much the same as the Romans stole from the Greek; sorry for the real world reference). The race is very varied as they do not feel much connection to the rest of Humanity, due to their inability to shape magic in any way. The Pristinely Ungifted have given the rest of Humanity a nickname of their own: The Unbearded.

Various shades of white, average height for a male is 5’9" (although they’ve been known to reach heights of 6’6") for females they stand about 5’2" on average. Hair color ranges from browns to blacks. Eye colors include pale violet, green, blue and brown.

The biggest organization of Ungifted are the Green Wizards, a group of woodsmen and herbalists that spend their days traveling and helping the smaller villages away from the aid of powerful magical metropolises.

Pristinely Ungifted

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