The following are new or adapted talents to complement the selection available on pages 170-212 of the Arcanis rulebook. Bloodline Talents are not used at this time in the game.

Altered Talents

  • Dragon’s Hide (Racial), Page 193: Requirements are Buayan (or subrace) or Draconian or Voski, Vigor 7. Add the following line to the end of the Benefit: A Vosk who also possesses the Carbon Fiber Plating talent prior to gaining the Dragon’s Hide Talent does not suffer the -1 Avoidance penalty. Add the following lines as a Special: A draconian instead gains Natural Armor Rating equal to 1/2 his blood rank, rounded up. A Draconians blood rank increases by 1 when this Talent is obtained.

New Talents

  • Born of Fire (Racial)
    Requirements: Draconian
    Benefit: You gain AR vs fire equal to 5 plus your blood rank. Increase your blood rank by 1.
  • Breath of the Dragon (Racial)
    Requirements: Draconian
    Benefit: Once per scene, you may cast the spell “Breath of the Dragon” (page 367) utilizing Mettle (Vi) as an Arcanum skill. Increase your blood rank by 1.
  • Carbon Fiber Plating (Racial, Foundation)
    Requirements: Vosk
    Benefit: Your armored plating is made of a special alloy using pieces of armor from Windwhales. As a result, it is much lighter than normal, and you enjoy increased maneuverability from it. Increase your Pace by 5’.
    Special: A Vosk who possesses this Talent and takes the Dragon’s Hide Talent does not suffer the -1 Avoidance penalty from that Talent.
  • Flight of the Dragon (Racial, Tiered)
    Requirements: Draconian
    Benefit: Per Tier
    Tier 1: You gain the ability to arrest your falls with your wings, and even use them to glide short distances. In any space you can unfurl your wings (twice your occupied squares), you can use your wings to slow your fall enough to take no falling damage. In addition, you can use your wings to glide. You must move your pace to remain aloft. You can make a single turn of no more than 90 degrees each action. You can move 10’ forward for every 5’ downward you travel, effectively traversing 2/3 your Pace each action forward. You base Pace is also your gliding Pace, and may be reduced by Bulk. If your Pace is reduced below 15 due to Bulk or other circumstances, you cease to glide and begin falling instead.
    Tier 2: You gain a Fly Pace equal to your base speed, with Clumsy Maneuverability.
    Tier 3: Your maneuverability increases to Average.
    Tier 4: Your Fly Pace is equal to twice your base walking pace.
    Special: Increase your blood rank by 1 each time you gain this Talent.


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