The Disciples of the Wanderer

About the Disciples of the Wanderer

Founded in 86 AS following the rescue of a priest of Eriaxs from the desert by The Wanderer who promptly began preaching of his experience, the Disciples of the Wanderer are largely peaceful, and seem to focus on preparing travelers for treks across the Desolation, helping those unfortunate in their crossing recover from their trial, and preaching simplicity of life as the path to true peace.

The Disciples are well known in Gargatua as never having dissent or harsh words within their ranks. The phrase “sickeningly” has been used to describe how well the Disciples get along with each other.

General Beliefs

Sacred Texts

The Disciples have no sacred texts, though Disciple Greys, the present leader of the Disciples, preaches sermons twice a day near the west gate into Gargatua.


The Disciples are led by one of their number, presently this is the tafari called Greys. The leader appears to outsiders to be chosen by whomever is widely thought to be wise enough to lead in worship services. How the Disciples never disagree on who this should be is still unknown, but so far it has always been unanimous, with no arguing or raised voices. There are no titles of rank, as all members are referred to as “Disciple”. Tasks to be completed are assigned based to volunteers, and always appear to be polite requests than outright directives like many other churches.


Worship services for the Disciples consist of either communal prayer, or a dissertation provided by the head Disciple on some aspect of their faith as it relates to The Wanderer, whom they view as a god-figure. While the Disciples come from all walks of life, many live in the communal temple run by the church, with even those members who are well-to-do spending at least one night a week at the complex.

The Disciples of the Wanderer

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