The Green Wizards

The Green Wizards are primarily a group of Pristinely Ungifted woodsmen. Lacking the ability to use magic on their own, the members of this loose organization rely upon woodslore and herbology to get along in the wilds of Jord. Members can be found far and wide across all of Jord, though rarely within large communities or heavily urbanized areas, preferring the relative peace of the wilds.

Originally, the reliance of many smaller communities upon the knowledge and skills of these trained woodsmen to bring about seemingly magical recoveries in their sick and wounded with herblore when lacking access to magical healing, earned these Pristinely Ungifted the nickname of “Green Wizards”. Finding the title ironically hilarious, especially considering the existence of the three orders’ color affiliations and their own genetic inability to cast magic, these rangers banded together into a loose brotherhood to share their knowledge and resources under this nickname.

In modern times, the Green Wizards are a semi-formal collection of skilled woodsmen and apothecaries, using their knowledge and survival skills to bring aid to the smaller communities throughout Jord. Without a specific credo or political affiliation, most members try to live by a simple “To each their own freedoms” mantra, preferring to stay out of major political issues and keeping to their own personal moral code.

While they don’t possess a formal organizational head, they do possess titles they may refer to themselves under, based on the complexity of their knowledge. The titles are purely issued on an honor system, with each member taking the title they feel most accurate to their present abilities. Not surprisingly, this means that rarely, if ever, is a more advanced title taken without the corresponding knowledge to back it up, as such a claim would become quickly evident as false when expectations were failed to be kept in the communities the Wizard travels through.

The Green Wizards do have something approaching a guidebook, however. Given to each member by another Green Wizard prospect who displays adequate knowledge of woodslore, the small volume serves as a sort of primer to much of the vast experience and knowledge of medicinal herbology the organization has accumulated over the years, with many members treating it much like a true wizard’s spellbook, making notes and adding to it as needed. The Green Wizards, as a whole, try to meet every four years in the city of Jatul’s Shadow to exchange knowledge and update their books, and a wealthy benefactor in the city takes the time to update additional copies that members are then encouraged to take with them in case they find a prospective new recruit, or to provide to other members who were unable to make it to the meeting so that all may benefit.

Green Wizard path

After displaying your knowledge and skill to a Green Wizard member, you’ve been welcomed into the group and provided your own copy of the Green Wizard’s Primer.
Requirements: Lay of the Land I (ta), Stealthy I (ta), Tracking and Heal as trained skills.
Trained Skills: Track, Wilderness Lore.
Talents: Healing Hands, Herbalist, Sharp Eyes.
Special: You are now in possession of a copy of the Green Wizard’s Primer, and can benefit from it as a Fine Tool when making any checks to produce Materia Medica using any skills.

Through speaking with herbalists and apothecaries, and constantly honing your skills in the wilds, you’ve unlocked secrets to some of the most potent medicines and poisons known throughout Jord.
Requirements: Green Wizard (Initiate) (pa).
Trained Skills: Heal, Wilderness Lore.
Talents: Lay of the Land, Apothecary.

You have honed your wilderness skills and healing knowledge to be among the elite within the community. You are sought out by those who know of your knowledge and talents, both by those in need of assistance, and prospective new recruits to the Green Wizard woodsman cause.
Requirements: Green Wizard (Practitioner).
Trained Skills: Track, Wilderness Lore.
Talents: Use Terrain, One With The Shadows.

The Green Wizards

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