The Shadow Ragers

The Shadow Ragers are a secret organization within the Crimson Claws structure, unknown by the majority of the Claws and outside world. Reporting directly to the Blood Spears, they frequently appear as low-ranking Crimson Claw members, frequently of Emerald Thorn rank, though belonging to no active squad that any inquiry can ever discover.

Comprised of those soldiers deemed either too unruly or specialized by the Blood Spears to easily fit within the military squadron structure without crushing their effectiveness, a Shadow Rager operates with a large amount of autonomy. While still having a responsibility to the Blood Spears leading the Crimson Claws, a Shadow Rager frequently pursues their own goals to protect and further the Draconian cause.

This continued obedience without oversight is enforced by a partially mystical binding Oath taken when joining the ranks of the Shadow Ragers. This Oath is the basis of the Shadow Rager’s skill at arms, making them stronger than any single warrior to help offset not being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with their Crimson Claw brothers in battle. The inner draconic might hidden deep in the very being that makes up every Draconian is awakened, manifesting as a growing rage described as an inner spiritual force that every Rager learns to tap deeper and manifest through their body in combat. Those most skilled at tapping into this spiritual force have even been said to terrify their foes with their simple presence on the field of battle, becoming a larger-than-life specimen of physical prowess that destroys their enemy armies.


Initiate of the Rage
You’ve taken the Oath of the Rager, and your inner dragon has been awakened.
Requirements: Diehard (ta), Dragon’s Hide (ta), 6 Ranks in Melee (Polearm), and either Emerald Thorn Initiate (b) or Crimson Claw (Emerald Thorn) (pa).
Trained Skills: Athletics and Mettle
Talents: Twisted Form, and Fighting Style (The Rage Within)
Special (Once Upon the Path): You have committed yourself to this path. As such, you may not take any other Paths until becoming a Rage Lord.

Rage Adept
Your growing talent at manifesting your inner spirit of the dragon, and can appear as an almost otherworldy terror on the battlefield.
Requirements: Shadow Rager (Initiate of the Rage) (pa)
Trained Skills: Stealth and Mettle
Talents: Biological Adaptation, Twisted Visage

Rage Lord
You have perfected manifesting your inner draconic spirit, and it effects your physical form.
Requirements: Shadow Rager (Rage Adept) (pa)
Trained Skills: Athletics and Melee (Polearm)
Talents: Juggernaut and Dire Rage

The Shadow Ragers

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