Timeline of Jord


  • 6310 BC: Jord formed by the Creators during The Making.
  • 10 BC: Hurricane forms surrounding Garos Island, cutting off all access. Sciath founded. Draknis’s Shields founded. Orcs take up living in the plains that become known as Orkath, west of Bemek.
  • 9 BC: Taken founded. Girallopolis restored to floating around the Sea of Tears by Girallod’s self-sacrifice. Gargatua founded. Orcs cursed by Hecasis to be unable to use magic, even theurgy. Pristinely Ungifted officially recognized by Tel Mycan leadership as true-breeding human offshoot that is unable to use any arcane magics.
  • 6 BC: Sigurhd, a Black Runes sailor, rises in prominence and begins climbing the military ladder that will allow him to successfully take the city of Dargarthd in several years. Garos stripped of divine powers, left a mortal.
  • 5 BC: Transitgate connection collapses for unknown reasons, rendering the gateways unusable. Capustan founded west of Darujhistan. Mythirioth begins to be regularly sieged by Lith. Gateway within Jatul discovered, dubbed the Darkgate, leading to the Darkworld. Vvar begins erupting, throwing massive ash clouds into the air for months, leading to volcanic winter across Vvaroh, mushrooms seem to readily adapt to cooling climate.
  • 3 BC: Orcs occupying Halls of Stone scared from stronghold by spirits, mountain stronghold lies empty. Moranth become widely known as best shipbuilders in Jord, largely thanks to their chitin boats. Voski piloting windwhale caravans begin flying to Jatul’s Shadow. Buayock, a war academy, opens its doors in Darujhistan. Givers outlawed within Malvolian society, due to feared ties with the Taken. Refuge founded. Dargarthd is assaulted by survivors led by Sigurhd, though whalesharks decimate the attacking army and nearly kill Sigurhd himself.
  • 2 BC: Gros rises from the dead as an undead version of himself and resumes control of the orcs. Disturbingly, Gros retains access to his magics. Shield of Apostasy Raised at winter equinox.
  • 1 AS: Jatul’s Shadow struck by plague. Crimson Claws shift focus to thinning out and hunting the Lith. Morvar, a dwarf, leads armies back to the Halls of Stone from the refuge camps at Jatul’s Shadow and retakes it. Justicars formed by Tel Nojh to hunt the Taken.
  • 3 AS: Splinter group of Orcs assaults Jatul’s Shadow, defeated and exterminated in retaliation. Ba’ienrok killed in “peasant uprising”. City of Malaz founded by Siltchas Ruin, becomes major trade port on Gurgaron for the entirety of those living in the eastern end of Darklend.
  • 4 AS: Draconians discover secrets to work Eldritch magic. Tel Nojh erects magical barrier to protect Tel’Eros. Black market trade begins growing in Malaz, as traffic with Tel’Eros shrinks and windwhale caravans increases smuggling possibilities.
  • 5 AS: Military arcanist unit of Kobolds named “Tucker’s Kobolds” is sent through the Southern Lithgate in a suicide mission attempt to close the Lithgate from inside. Tucker’s Kobolds fails in their mission, Southern Lithgate remains open. Humanity discovers the secrets to Eldritch Magic through espionage against the Draconians. Givers disband.
  • 7 AS: Tucker’s Kobolds emerge from Northern Lithgate, hardened and different. Sy’ylieth land by ship on the southern coasts of Darklend.
  • 8 AS: K’Chain massacre the Matron, begin killing each other. Dead cease to lay quietly, and begin rising en masse. Three orders of mages are created by Tel Mycan wizards, a tower is erected for each order, and gateways created between all three.
  • 10 AS: Grimdark discovered by orcs from Bemek.
  • 11 AS: City of Salt formed by the remains of Tucker’s Kobolds, and other new recruits, in the southern edge of the Ice Fangs near a natural salt mine. Heimgarth founded.
  • 12 AS: Thorgarth founded. Dwarves of Halls of Stone discover Grimdark by accident.
  • 13 AS: Ettin Fog begins expanding towards the northern end of Gannock’s Weald. Vypenthyr founded. Transitgate reactivated. K’chain civil war continues, nearly wiped out before fighting ends.
  • 14 AS: Inevitables founded.

15 AS: End of the Age of Silent Gods (Third Age), Beginning of the Age of Loss (Fourth Age).

  • 16 AS: The High King of the Dwarves take Belmek back from the Orcs. Through the volcanoes beneath the blood isles, the Draconians explore the Grimdark and find an obsidian-like material well suited for life-draining blades.
  • 17 AS: Dwarven Thane unveils an artifact that turns Steel into Adamantite. Dwarves re-establish trade with the Buayan. Dwarven explorers travel through the Dwarfgate. Each dwarf that travels through finds themselves in a completely empty copy of Jord.
  • 19 AS: Clones from the “Empty World” begin emerging from the gate. Thane passes an edict that closes travel through the gate. Why did the Thane order the gate closed? A meeting is held in the throne room, it is decided leaving the gate open causes too much confusion when the Thane, Rorik, and his clone, and the Advisor, Veltoff, and his clone, have too much trouble getting things done. Who becomes the new thane? Thanes are killed during the meeting. Advisor Veltoff becomes Thane, Clone Veltoff (advisor clone) is sent into Exile. In actuality, the real Veltoff is sent into Exile, and the clone becomes Thane, due to how the Dwarfgate actually works.
  • 20 AS: Tel’Eros secures trade agreements with Malaz and Jatul’s Shadow, begins functioning as trade hub between the two.
  • 22 AS: Tel’Eros’s ruling council votes to cover the city in a protective dome to prevent airborne girallon raiders from attacking. The Telerin mirror the outside of the dome. Whalesharks become annoyed at bright reflective point of light that is the city, begins showering the dome with water. Telerin capitalize on this by making it a show for visitors on the beach.
  • 23 AS: Sy’lyieth infiltrate the city of Tel’Eros. Sy’lyieth run out of city after killing several nobles, and capturing another, by city guards. Tel’Eros is sealed to outsiders, only citizens of Tel’Eros may enter the city. Trade with Tel’Eros shrivels and dies. A Tetrarchy is established in Jatul’s Shadow to streamline running the city, and bring order.
  • 27 AS: Tetrarchy becomes Pentarchy with voted addition of council member K’lar, a buayan from Malaz, in order to assist with growing civil unrest. Angered at their perceived treatment at the council meeting, the representatives from the Black Runes, Sons of Marc, and Draconians form an alliance to disrupt all trade to the city.
  • 28 AS: Jatul’s Shadow opens trade with Salt, following involvement with the pentarchy council. Draconians become angered at the perceived betrayal, and begin raiding and disrupting smaller external kobold camps near Salt. Also enraged, Black Runes and Sons of Marc assault Jatul’s Shadow, but are defeated and fail to breach the city.
  • 32 AS: Black Plague breaks out in Jatul’s Shadow, the Buayan are blamed as they are immune to it. Telerin noble, Menos, becomes Duke of Tartaros. Telerin explorers in Darklend discover sinkhole leading deep into the Grimdark near Ajjatara, at the bottom, they discover ruins of an ancient civilization that predates all known Jord.
  • 34 AS: Further exploration of the tunnels in the Grimdark from the discoverd ruins reveals many other cities in the Grimdark: A vast empire long forgotten.
  • 35 AS: Gros signs a dark pact with the God of the Undead to obtain special rituals to raise undead en masse, in preparation of sieging the Halls of Stone.
  • 36 AS: Gros uses the undead armies to conquer the remaining K’chain Che’malle, but the rituals fail to raise the dead K’chain, rendering them inert corpses. K’chain rendered extinct following this conquest. Gros raises Ba’ienrok as zombie servitor, begins war against the Buayan.
  • 36 AS: Exiled Veltoff forms alliance with the Girallon of Girallopolis to assault the Halls of Stone next time they are near. Zombies boil out of the Grimdark, and assault the Halls of Stone.
  • 38 AS: Gros and his undead armies lay siege to the Halls of Stone. Morvar, a dwarf and close advisor of the Thane, valiantly leads the dwarven armies against the zombie uprising. Unfortunately he eventually succumbs to battle wounds and dies during the war. Thane Veltoff is thought to be a clone, instead of the real Veltoff, and is exiled from the Halls of Stone.
  • 39 AS: With Morvar and Veltoff (Real or Clone) gone from the halls, no clear strong leader steps forth to take Thanedom. Gros succeeds in his siege, and personally kills the new Thane, taking over the Halls of Stone for the second time.
  • 40 AS: A powerful artifact buried beneath the Halls of Stone is found by Gros, but attempting to use it’s power forces him to leave the continent of Guraron under immense pain, including the Grimdark below the continent. Gros wanders with his retinue along the Grimdark passages below the Sea of Tears, unwilling to part with so much potential power. How did Gros lose the Artifact? Whalesharks and Ba’ienrok broke a hole in the ocean floor below Garos Island during an attack on Gros by Taken, flooding some of the tunnels of the Grimdark. Gros lost hold of the artifact during the deluge.
  • 41 AS: The Inevitables lay siege to Gros-held Halls of Stone. Who re-opened the Dwarfgate in the Halls of Stone? The spirit of Morvar spoke the words necessary to open the gateway, while under the control of the Clone Artifact. Gros fled into the portal. Without leadership, the undead in the Halls of Stone are pushed back into the Grimdark, though some wander into the Dwarfgate. The Dwarfgate, reacting to the undead entering it, begin spewing forth 20-50 clones of each undead that wander in. Gateway is closed.
  • 49 AS: Veltoff dies of old age, never getting his revenge against the Halls of Stone, because Girallopolis never passes near the Halls of Stone. Clone Veltoff, once thane, also dies at the same time of old age. Gros returns to the Halls of Stone, and takes it back from the dwarves, enslaving the survivors.
  • 50 AS: Inevitables establish a superfortress at the base of the Shifting Cliffs near the halls of stone, named Fort Marroth.
  • 52 AS: Gros establishes a city in the grimdarkbelow Jatul’s Shadow, named Nak’thugurai.
  • 54 AS: Mysterious unknown individuals wipe out the inhabitants of Nak’thugurai, razing the city to it’s foundations in the proccess. Taken are believed to be involved. Is Gros still around after the destruction of Nak’thugurai? After a running fight from a skilled Taken and his accomplice, Gros escapes into Jatul’s Shadow by climbing a tower of skeletons, sacrificing Ba’ienrok in the process to an undead killing wave of power that destroys the undercity. Gros escapes into the Darkgate, which begins to emit a non-stop high pitched whine.
  • 56 AS: Ettin Fog begins expanding from Gannock’s Weald towards Jatul’s Shadow. It’s appears incapable of moving into the shadow cast by Jatul, and surrounds Jatul’s Shadow instead, leaving few usable entrances to the city. Jatul’s Shadow’s sewer system extended to create tunnels bypassing the Ettin Fog. These tunnels are accidentally joined to the ruins of Nak’thurugai in the process, leading to an undercity to crop up.
  • 59 AS: Sinkholes open below portions of Nak’thugurai, causing destruction across nearly half of the undercity. Telerin sign licensing agreements with the Voski to license out windwhales for caravan trading. Official charter for windwhale transport created, Telerin corner airtrade.
  • 73 AS: Myriad invaders begin pouring out of the Darkgate, but are eventually pushed out of Jatul’s Shadow and into the Undercity. Darkgate ceases its whining following the invasion. Undercity becomes contested grounds, with frequent skirmishes between city defenders and the Darkworld invaders constantly keeping portions of the undercity in flux for safety. Guides begin making paid escorts to get merchants safely through the Undercity and into Jatul’s Shadow for those who can’t afford windwhale transport or don’t want to brave the Ettin Fog.
  • 93 AS: Gros leaves Halls of Stone, enslaved dwarves rise up against their orc enslavers with aid from outside dwarven forces. Halls of Stone become dwarven controlled for first time in nearly 45 years.
  • 95 AS: Tel Myca’s floatation fails completely, sinking the floating island into the sea. Many of the catacombs and tunnels beneath the city become floaded. The city, still large and powerful, nevertheless falls into being a shadow of itself. Garos is blamed by the populace, though no evidence can ever be brought forward supporting such a claim, much less that Garos is still alive.
  • 100 AS: Windwhale caravan hijacked by girallon airpirates and crashed into the heart of the market district of Tel Myca, killing over six thousand and costing tens of thousands of gold in damages.

Timeline of Jord

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